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Anglo Satellite Bio Midwest born and raised, Sheldon Bittner began playing vinyl at underground parties in 1993, experiencing first-hand the idyllic and community-driven underground dance music scene of Madison, Wisconsin and the Midwest. At the time, Madison was a smoldering rave hotbed that attracted party-goers from throughout the entire midwest and Eastcoast. Sheldon knew he was hooked--to electronic music and performing--after an epic 1993 night spinning for a Milwaukee crowd of over 500, just after Chicago's DJ Efex. A year later, inspired by the spectrum of possibility in sounds for analog artists to produce music live--from Woody McBride to Dave Yanu, Skinny Puppy and the Orb--he began amassing his own small army of analog synths and drum machines. In 1995, a twist of fate took Sheldon on a strange journey to a remote barn 80 miles deep into the midwest countryside to unite him with his beloved Multi-Moog. Sheldon began to coax new, austere and unrelenting sounds--ranging from hard acid to house--out of his gear. A year later, acquisition of a digital sampler first inspired him to begin experimenting with drum and bass production. Not one to be limited to one style, Sheldon also toured with psychedelic alt-rock band "Plastic" whileworking on his own productions. His first EP, a jazzy, melodic fusion of drum and bass and darkstep called "Take Me to the Darkside" was released in 1997 on House of Deviant Recordings. By the late 1990s Sheldon had relocated to Seattle and in 2000, he founded "Jackpot", a weekly escapade into drum and bass that attracted legends such as E-sassin, Dara, and Dieselboy to the Seattle hotspot. Despite its success, Sheldon craved a different kind of "peak" experience and moved away from the city to fulfill his passion for snowboarding, backcountry hiking, and tracking the elusive Yeti in the Cascades. By 2004, with a snowballing appreciation for the emerging nu-electro and dance-punk sound, Sheldon began to realize his artistic potential to transcend the cheese grater of American music and culture and adopted the "Anglo Satellite" moniker as a subtle nod to his North American heritage and his ambition to be heard around the planet. And the rest, as they say, is history... Since his reemergence Sheldon has been hard at work in the studio, distilling the essence of Anglo Satellite into a number of potent releases. In 2007, "Big Black Spider"--a venomous and dark electro-tech fusion track--exploded at the Winter Music Conference, was remixed by Les Petits Pilous and then released by Tiga's Turbo Recordings. The raw and edgy nu-rave remix by Les Petits Pilous received massive worldwide DJ support and made its way into the sets of mega-stars such as Justice, Busy P, Tiga, Teenage Badgirl, SebastiAn, Kavinsky, and Mr. Oizo (just to name a few). Anglo Satellite has also remixed Nectar ("Life" on Innerflight) and Nyte Owl, taking the latter's "Bring Back Da Funk" (Nyte Traxx) to a whole new level with an injection of techno steroids and a tearjerker bassline melody. Currently working with Seattle label Innerflight Music, Anglo Satellite continues to deliver a chiseled, jackin', old-school sound, with his most recent release "Bangin' Bogus Basin" out in November 2009. Remix support includes Will Bailey, Spenza, Pelussje, Titan and The Snowman. An expert at balancing explosive madness with a unique and disciplined structural aesthetic, Anglo Satellite stands out as a true artist in his form! ..

Innerflight Relases:

Anglo Satellite's 1-Eyed Jack mix puts a darker, techier twist on the original with its warbled electro bass line and bangin’ 4/4 beat riding under the vocals. Clicky, high percussion pushes the track forward into a huge drop where the bass line gets even more sinister. Everything comes together at the end when little snippets of the female vocals add a nice contrast to the darkness. Pure peak-time business!

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