Nerd Revolt

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After years of being angst-ridden hermits, m.0 and the iLL.F.O. met and started creating mad nuclear experiments in the studio. Through their “Therapy for Alienated Nerds and Aliens” group, they joined forces to form an underground Nerd Revolt. These synth cyborgs have one mission in mind: to rise above the darkness and inspire others through their beats.
Both classically trained musicians, they each bring a unique style and sound to the mix. Their joint arsenal is a deadly one, consisting of laptops with Ableton Live, hardware and software synths, plugins, MIDI controllers, mics, guitars, and tons of sound-mangling weapons that threaten to crush your synapses.
When you’re rollin’ with a rig known as “The Great”, there’s only one way to drop it. Blending the complexity of their studio work with the energy of a live band, Nerd Revolt's intense performances feature synths, vocals, melodic and glitchy improv journeys, lush ambient breakdowns, beats triggered and manipulated on the fly, and a whole lotta punk attitude.
But NR goes beyond just the music— it’s about taking all forms of technology to the next level while keeping it DIY-style. Whether it’s video production, photography, blogging, or anything they can sink their brains into, Nerd Revolt always brings an upfront, honest vibe to everything they do. Peep the realness at It's 2012, motherfuckers. The future is now.

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